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About Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke

For more than thirty years, I’ve written extensively for corporate and non-profit clients, magazines, and newspapers. After more than forty moves in my lifetime I moved to the Pacific Northwest. On the lam? In a witness protection program? No—often work, a couple of marriages, and on some occasions an attack of wanderlust. One crack at staying put yielded a memoir, Getting to Home, about my experience building a house.

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Click for book info

Collaborating (where dreams meet reality) with an architect and contractor, the memoir traced the mechanical and often surprising emotional obstacles to home ownership.

About This Certain Age

I’m a writer of a certain age and looked around to see what blogs were out there in my demographic. I did the usual poking around on the web and didn’t find much that spoke to me as a person, a writer at my age, or to my late-blooming tribe. Maybe I’m being too picky or maybe I was right—it is a pretty barren landscape unless you have a variety of illnesses, embrace anti-aging as your goal and are ready to fork over the dollars to fight it . . . well, you see what I mean. All that wisdom and experience we have accumulated—where is it being shared?

I’ve sat in many classes and at writers’ conferences and seen more “old dogs” than young pups. So, I must not be the only older woman who is still working away at the craft and hoping to successfully reach readers with my writing.

Meanwhile, my country, the not-so-United States, is either being reborn or is in the last throws of empire. The news is often disheartening and so I scroll through the headlines and try to remember that there is good work happening in the world and hold a space for peace and justice.

With these two elements in mind, I decided on this focus for my blog: all things relating to writers of a certain age and the pleasures and issues of the day. I’ll share photos, book notes, and a way for friends—also of this certain age—to post their thoughts and work.
One of my favorite writers, Judith Viorst, has this to say about this certain age, “it is not a disability; it is an intense and varied experience that can call forth new ideas and strengths that weren’t available in our youth. There can be more freedom, more wisdom, more perspective and self-honesty.”

So here’s to this certain age—writing, reading, helping where we can, pursuing our passions, and giving and receiving love. In the end, I believe, everything comes down to that—for ourselves, for others, and for where we are in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to This Certain Age

    • barbaraclarke

      Hi Cleone,

      Thanks for checking out This Certain Age – I’m adding some new posts over the holidays. Glad to have you and yes, not ready to check out yet! Have a great holiday.

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