How Not to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day


National Women’s Equality Day

I was thinking equal pay, the right to manage my reproductive organs, and the lack of representation in every sector—government, business, and health. But – this is what led the day’s celebration:

Addyi Female Viagra

Addyi – the first RX drug to boost sexual desire in women. “A milestone long sought by a pharmaceutical industry eager to replicate the blockbuster success of impotence drugs for men.” (CBC.CA)

After three previous attempts, the FDA finally caved (18-6) and approved the new drug. Made by (I love this name) Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Valeant, a Canadian RX company, made a bid for Addyi for $1 Billion – US dollars. They want it Canada too!Sprout

Don’t Ask Your Doctor—Just Yet

Under a safety plan dreamed up by the ever-willing FDA, doctors can only prescribe Addyi after completing an online certification test demonstrating that they understand its side effects. Pharmacies also have to be certified.

The awesome side effects—in a boxed warning (the most serious type) beyond the skull & crossbones—include dangerously low blood pressure, fainting, and drowsiness—especially mixed with alcohol and other medications.

What else? Unlike Viagra and the 25 other similar drugs for male impotency, where men can have bragging rights after four hours, you have to take it for weeks and months to see any benefit. And unlike Viagra, that works on blood flow, etc. Addyi acts on brain chemicals.  Warning label

This is what Millions of Women were Demanding?

The campaign for approval, funded by Even the Score, attracted more than 60,000 supporters. The lobbying group members ran the gamut of national organizations such as NOW, the Blue Thong Society, and guess who—Sprout!

While the sale may change their plans, Sprout had lined up 200 sales reps to promote the drug to medical specialists, ultimately making the U.S drug-pushing, big-pharma advertisers rich. Look for that little pink pill on your phone, TV, and hey, maybe the Super Bowl!

One voice of reason quoted in several articles is Leonore Tiefer, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at NYU’s School of Medicine. Here’s her take on let’s skip the talk and go straight to the pill:

“We know that a lot of sexual problems are related to relationship issues, stress, contextual issues. For these, I don’t think medication is the answer.”

And further: “In a society where it’s your fault if you don’t get sex right, you have to have a lot of it, and you have to do it right but nobody teaches you how.”

This is especially true following the attack on limiting sex education in the schools.

If I Were In Charge  Crown

  • I would put another warning on the label. It would read: Just because you work two or more jobs, have kids, have a less than fab lover (who is also a product of the culture), get paid less because of your gender, are stressed and/or depressed doesn’t make you an HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) woman.
  • I would require—that your doctor, who is now an expert via an online certificate, sits down with you and your sexual partner for a frank discussion. Wow—what would the insurance companies pay for that waste of time? Nada!

And, fat chance since doctors can barely talk about dying let alone sex.

  • I would provide every woman with their choice of adult videos (there are some excellent ones) and a gift certificate for something fun and helpful from Good Vibrations (you won’t faint or die from a sex toy).
  • Then, if talking, getting some rest, finding an attentive partner, and understanding more about how women are viewed and socialized in the U.S. you still want that little pink pill—be my guest. But be prepared to pay from $30 to $75 per month for Addyi.

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