My Best Day


My Best Day

There is nothing like being in the present when the present is well . . . terrific.

My essay “Good Vibrations” was published today in one of the best online publications I’ve found—Full Grown People.


Here’s the link to my essay:


This blog, however, is not about my “literary success.” Since we aren’t Skyping you can’t see my tongue poking in my cheek. It’s really about some things that are slowly dawning on me at this age.

First realization – you do need friends in the writing world who can advise, refer you to good resources, and actually enjoy those conversations about writing that must bore the socks off the others in the café within earshot. “My god, they do go on . . .”

Second realization – if you have something to say or a story to tell, you probably should keep working at it until it leaves your desktop and enters the world. My essay was a little iffy in my mind and confirmed when I saw the list of SEOs – ending in vibrator! It made it into the world after all.

Third realization – back to the present moment. It was over-the-top fun to see my essay online this morning, having to stand on its own two feet without me fussing with it like my mother used to do with me. In her case it was delicately spitting on her fingertips (so uncool if not unsanitary) and wiping a speck of dirt or whatever off my face. And then I read the comments and like Sally Field—they liked it!

So, I’m going to bask in the warm glow of no one yet writing me a disturbing reply about kinky sex for octogenarians or what a disrespectful brat I am. I’m just going to enjoy today and save some of the juice that comes from a little bit of success for tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day working on another essay.


PS – Normally I like to find graphics to illustrate my point, but in this case – well, this is what I could come up with. If you go to Google images and search for vibrators – well, the world is your oyster there.

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